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  执行标准 JC/T907-2002 大鹿为国家商标局注册商标 DAIRLOP HAS BEEN REGISTERED IN STATE TRADE MARK OFFICE 特点 墙锢地锢升级品改性水基聚合物乳液,优异渗透性、封闭性,能充分浸润加固基层;  可抗碱,防止   水分过分渗透;在光滑基层形成涂膜  多种表面粘接性出色,防止面层空鼓、开裂  着色性和辨识美观性 CHARACTER: It is a modified polymer emulsion which can wetting plenarily and strengthen the base material. It can prevent water from being permeated excessively and can be Alkali-resistant. It can form film on smooth surface,has excellent adhesion to all kind of surface.It can avoid hollowness and cracking of veneers.It can been distinguished after bepainting, and its surface is beautiful. 领域 批刮腻子、抹灰浆、粘接瓷砖、抹水泥找平砂浆、铺装地板前;粘接壁纸墙布、水泥造毛时。 APPLIED FIELD Scrape putty, swear mortar, tiling of glazed tile, using it before pavement of floor or when sticking the wallpaper,or the cement manufacturing. 施工方法 基层处理:将界面处理剂加水稀释后(建议比,界面剂:水=1:2)用辊刷涂12遍,1Kg大约可以涂刷10m2。基层抹灰(造毛):建议把界面剂和水泥按1:2比例搅拌成浆料,用硬毛刷涂刷或用抹刀均匀的涂抹于混凝土墙面上,厚度在1~2mm左右即可。1m2墙面使用量为2Kg 界面处理剂。硬化后,即可施工下一道工序。 APPLICATION METHOD Base course deposing: It should been spreaded at 2-3 frequency through roller with interface agent after being diluted with waiter(The suggested scale is 2:1 for interface agent and water. The interfade agent of1kgcan been spreaded in 10 square meters. Swearing mortar of base course: Mix the surface agent and cement in the scale at 1:2, then swear mortar on the concrete wall with the mixed mortar by the coating thickness of 1-2mm. The wall surface of 1 square meter need surface agent of 2 kilogram. Enter next word after plenary curing. 注意 多孔、陈旧基材表面或环境温度大于35℃时,应在施工前用水轻微润湿表面。户外雨天不可施工。 ATTENTION Should to wetting the surface if the surface is porous or ole,or the temperature of the surface is over35 . Stop using when meeting rain day. 非易燃品,非危险品。 Non flammable,non-dangerous good 工作温度/working temperature :5℃~35  贮存温度/ Reposition temperature 5~30    保质期/Shelf life: 六个月/6months          (                         区) 净含量(net weight)18KG
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